The Coach House team is getting close to our favourite time of year (this is an egregious lie): inventory counting!

We don't want to do it; our warehouse frightens us. Ergo, we have decided that for the rest of July, all of our backlist titles will be on sale at a 25% discount. This includes all of our books published (in print and electronically) prior to our recent spring 2014 titles.

Eggs Benedict image by Amadscientist (used under a Creative Commons License)

The Trouble with Brunch: Work, Class and the Pursuit of Leisure, the latest title in our Exploded Views series, is now available for purchase through the Coach House website. Award-winning writer and urbanist Shawn Micallef takes on the hallowed tradition of brunch, rethinking it as a way to look more closely at the nature of work itself and a catalyst for solidarity among the so-called creative class.

Whet your appetite with an excerpt, then order your copy today.

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Coffee Room

Coach House is watching you. (We’re also declassifying a cache of stealthy Fall titles.)

Geoff Pevere, author of Gods of the Hammer: The Teenage Head Story, has curated a playlist of seventeen songs containing essential tracks by Teenage Head as well as by bands that influenced their high-energy style. Read Geoff's annotations while you listen and (re)discover how Teenage Head is 'capable of sweetening and shredding your eardrums at the same time.'

The Coach House (HQ of Coach House Books and Coach House Printing) has a charmingly ramshackle coffee room. And for over 45 years, that room has served as a meeting space for writers, publishers, artists, readers, musicians and more. It's a pretty informal space with some very informal gatherings, but throughout 2014, the Coach House is hosting a monthly Kaffeeklatsch.


Winnipeg poetry lovers! You're in for a treat:

Brecken Hancock will be at McNally Robinson on Thursday, July 31 to read & sign copies of her powerful debut poetry collection, Broom BroomShe will be joined by local poets Ariel Gordon and Alison Calder, who will read from their latest works.

Shawn Micallef's highly anticipated The Trouble with Brunch is finally here, and what better way to celebrate than with a cereal bar, at Handlebar?