May 6, 2015 – We here at Coach House are thrilled by the historic results of last night's Alberta provincial election, which saw the NDP win a majority government under leader Rachel Notley.

To celebrate, for today only, we're offering 50% off some of our backlist titles by Albertan authors and with ties and connections to Alberta. And hey, why not our books with orange on the covers, too?


Since our founding in 1965, Coach House has been committed to printing and publishing innovative poetry of the highest quality. With that mandate in mind, we want to make sure we're doing all that we can to share our poets' work with you!

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Have you heard the news? Coach House is starting a book club! We're calling it — get ready — the Coach House Book Club. 

Why are we starting a book club, you ask? Well, we feel this isn't so much a book club as it is a gathering of the Coach House community and those who want to get to know their favourite author in an informal, relaxed setting — but just calling it a 'book club' seemed like the clearest way of encapsulating all of that.


The Trouble with Brunch: Work, Class and the Pursuit of Leisure

Toronto author and man-about-town, Shawn Micallef provides a provocative analysis of foodie obsession and status anxiety among the creative class of modern, urban life. Come and discuss the nature of that mid-day extravagance. 

Call 416-395-5639 to register for this FREE program.

After a successful opener at their new venue, Pivot, um, pivots towards the rest of our season and brings four more readers to The Steady Cafe. Palimpsest Press poet Blair Trewartha is joined by visiting BC author Julie Paul, poet and more Shane Neilson, and Anansi editor/poet Damian Rogers.

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