David O'Meara and Ottawa indie band HILOTRONS have recorded an album inspired by David's recent poetry collection A Pretty Sight. Before the record launches on March 8 at the Ottawa Writers Festival, check out the video for 'Hare,' with animation by Bryant Fryer.

If you weren't able to make it to our eighties-themed Fall 2013 Launch at The Garrison in Toronto, we're sorry: you missed out on a super-rad time. But Tracy Kyncl has written a detailed review of the event for The Puritan, and we've got video (although it's digital, not Betamax) of readers Stephen Collis, Jordan Scott, Jon Paul Fiorentino and Matthew Heiti. It's the next best thing to revving up the ol' DeLorean and going back in time.

Missed our Spring Launch event in Toronto last month? We're sure you have a valid excuse, but if you're curious about what went on, check out these clips of readers Andrew Faulkner, Tamara Faith Berger, Nicolas Billon, David Seymour, Andrew Kaufman and John Goldbach taking the stage at The Garrison.

To coincide with the publication of a book of variations: love - zygal - art facts by bpNichol, we're sharing clips of bpNichol from two documentaries by Ron Mann, circa 1980: Echoes Without Saying and Poetry in Motion.

Did you miss out on the TINARS event for Matthew Tierney's science-minded poetry collection Probably Inevitable — or just feel like travelling back in time to relive it? We've got video from the mind-expanding discussion between Matthew and poet Ken Babstock, with thought-provoking commentary on perceptions of time by author Claudia Hammond.

Coach House's four nameless fish passed away in the early morning of Tuesday, June 1, 2010. The staff held an impromptu funeral in the Coach House bathroom later that day.