Tour Stop 8: The Folder

Built in the 1950s, the Baum Folder takes full sheets of 18"×25" paper and folds them into gatherings of sixteen pages, or ‘signatures.’ Little has changed in the world of folding technology since the fifties; no computerization is involved, just a lot of tender loving care and painstaking calibration. Courtesy of John Barbeito (aka Johnny B aka Johnny Barbados), a Coach House stalwart since the early nineties and a lover of ponies, hops and homilies.

Once folded, signatures (each assigned a number to ensure proper order) are stacked or collated to make a book. Ronald ‘Rono’ McAlpin, our enduring collator/night-watchman, collates these signatures on the night shift – to the strains of everything from Hawkwind to Harem Scarem. He can collate 2000 signatures in an hour. Rono’s collating boxes, decorated with pictures of WWE superstars, hang on the walls of the bindery.

Next up, The Gluer!