Tour Stop 11: The Coffee Room

The real heart of the press. Combination kitchen, archive and board room. Here, Victor Coleman’s mother cooked lunch for the crew. bpNichol reinvented language. George Bowering danced.

Along the north wall is what remains of our much-pillaged library: a collection of Coach House titles from the sixties to the present. (The room behind that wall contains our now-defunct darkroom.) Above this is a secret door leading to, what else, an attic. Above the coffee table is a shelf with – you guessed it – books. And above that, the loft that stored hay when this was really a coach house. In the sixties and seventies, it served as makeshift sleeping quarters for any number of voyagers. A series of framed photographs depict the typesetters and printers that have passed through chp over the ages. A portion of Roy Kiyooka’s cremains reside in the small jewel box on the shelf below.

Next up, The Magical Sleeper Chair!