A Magical Mystery Tour

Coach House may occupy just two floors, but it’s a much-storied building, the home and hangout of many of the world’s most eminent cultural figures: Michael Ondaatje, Allen Ginsberg, bpNichol, Gwendolyn MacEwen, William Burroughs, Nicole Brossard, Lisa Robertson, Mike Hoolboom and Guy Maddin, to name only a few. These creaky, cobwebbed corners have been, for over forty years, the birthplace of great poetic and printing invention, and we like to share that history - and the excitement of bookmaking! - with as many people as we can. That means that we give a lot of tours. We give tours during Doors Open Toronto and during our annual Open House in September. We also try to accommodate as many special requests by school and community groups and individuals as we can. If you're interested in taking a tour of Coach House, email mail@chbooks.com and we'll try to schedule a time for you to come by. Tours last approximately 45 minutes, and can be conducted Monday to Thursday between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

To take a virtual tour of Coach House, read on below, or download the PDF version of our Magical Mystery Tour booklet. You can also find out more about us by visiting our about us page.

1. The Linotype
2. The Gordon Press
3. The Type Room
4. The Bathroom
5. The Platemaker
6. The Heidelbergs
7. Paper
8. The Folder
9. The Gluer
10. The Cutter
11. The Coffee Room
12. The Magical Sleeper Chair
13. Stan's Office
14. Command Central
15. The Poem