Give the gift of C.H.I.P.s this holiday season!

Sometimes buying a gift for a book lover can be a minefield. What if you misread his/her tastes? What if he/she hates that author. Well, consider Coach House Books your personal minesweeper. (Or even, if you prefer, your own HeroRAT!) This holiday season, take it easy and give the gift of Coach House to that book lover on your list!

The Milk Chicken Bomb listed in Calgary Herald's Gift Guide

The Calgary Herald recently published their suggestions for holiday books, and Andrew Wedderburn's debut novel, The Milk Chicken Bomb, was among their gift ideas:

'Only a member of the very cool Calgary band Hot Little Rocket could imagine and write a novel about selling lemonade in the middle of winter in Marvin, Alta.

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The State of the Arts in Toronto Star's Gift Guide

It's official: The State of the Arts is the perfect holiday gift. The Toronto Star even includes it in their Book Gift Guide.

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