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GreenTOpia in Canadian Architect

By Ian Chodikoff
Canadian Architect
January 2008

GreenTOpia: Towards a Sustainable Toronto is the third volume in this locally popular uTOpia series.

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She Does the City reviews GreenTOpia

By Lizzie McNeely
November 13, 2007

GreenTOpia should be read by every politician at the civic, provincial and federal levels. It should be highlighted at the front of every Toronto library and featured as a Toronto Reads book on CBC’s Metro Morning. High school teachers should incorporate parts into their classes. Excerpts of it should be painted in subway stations.

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The Green Majority radio show interviews the GreenTOpia editors

The CIUT radio show, The Green Majority, recently interviewed the three editors of GreenTOpia: Towards a Sustainable Toronto. They talked about the publication of the book and some of the great ideas inside.

If you missed the intrview, you can listen to it online, or download it from

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Quill & Quire has fun with GreenTOpia

GreenTOpia: Towards a Sustainable Toronto
By Mary Soderstrom
Quill & Quire
December 2007

Most of GreenTOpia. the third installment in Coach House's "TOpia" series, is a lot of fun to read. This collection of essays and lists of resources could easily have been pretty boring and ended up being read only by those already convinced they have to act locally while thinking globally.

But the first essay sets the tone.

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Treehugger reviews GreenTOpia

By Lloyd Alter
November 9, 2007

"PM to Cities: Drop Dead"- that is the headline in the print version of the Toronto Star today, as the Canadian Prime Minister says that the cities are not his problem and can look to the provinces instead. (while he rolls in surpluses and cuts taxes).

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An incisive GreenTOpia review from Eye Weekly

By Chris Randle
Eye Weekly
November 8, 2007

Green greenie

By Chris Randle

Like any good environmentalist, GreenTOpia (Coach House, 256 pages, $24.95) abhors decadence.

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Make it a Green Sunday!

On Sunday, November 11, celebrate the publication of GreenTOpia: Towards a Sustainable Toronto, with a This Is Not A Reaing Series book launch.

The party begins at the Gladstone Hotel at 2:00 p.m.

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Surface & Symbol reviews The State of the Arts

By Stephanie Dickison
Surface & Symbol
Feb/March 2007

There's a new book out that you should have a look at.

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Exclaim! gives a shout out to The State of the Arts

By Michael Barclay
February 2007

Toronto The Good

In 2005, uTOpia: Towards a New Toronto (Coach House Press) was an unexpectedly successful book of essays re-imagining Toronto as a city of possibility and invention. The fact that there’s now a sequel, The State of the Arts: Living With Culture in Toronto, is either proof that the notion of Torontopia soldiers on, or proof to outsiders that Torontonians never tire of talking about themselves.

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