Sina Queyras, Virginia Woolf and Gertrude Stein

Lemon Hound by Sina Queyras
By Suzanne Bellamy
Woolf Studies Annual
March 1 2008

[Excerpted from the print review]:

'This innovative book of prose poetry is a cosmos of influence, a rush of life particles, an embrace of the river of intellect and imagination in a poet's life. Canadian writer Sina Queyras plays all the parts, dissembling and holding it together in a radical fusion of subject, voice and form. Lemon Hound begins with Virginia Woolf ('Style is a very simple matter: it is all rhythm')... From the outset Woolf and also Gertrude Stein are not so much of the company as of the palette, so intimate is their presence. 'She will enter into, finally tongue this idea of who she is.'

'[...] The natural world, a storyline, time, wordplay, traditions and text convulsions sit easily here in this mosaic writing, behaving in an orderly way on pieces of paper glued together into a book, a physical artifact. It is something of a tour de force, a text for the shifting times and cluttered e-voice forms of twenty-first century writing.'

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