The Stranger loves Trout Stanley

By Kyle Regan
The Stranger
March 30 2010

'Now, while the world looks to Vancouver with wide-eyed wonder, is a perfect time to see something from Canada that's both foreign and familiar. Trout Stanley, a 2005 play by Claudia Dey, could have been set in any Bumfuck, Washington, town west of the mountains. A moody love story about a vagrant, a vanished stripper, and a pair of twins who live by the dump, Trout Stanley isn't a Canadian play. It's a Northwest play.

Bad family hoodoo haunts the hick sisters Grace and Sugar Ducharme: curses, drowned parents, recurring murders. (It started in the womb. "We were supposed to be triplets, but my third sister died in the birth canal," Sugar explains.) They're observing their 30th birthday when traveling vagrant Trout Stanley bursts into their lives by saving Sugar as she tries to commit suicide. Sugar and Trout fall in love, two weirdos magnetically attracted to each other, pissing off the overprotective, pinup gorgeous Grace ... The resulting swirl of lies, jealousy, and everything love-triangle-related is the guts of the play ... Change is the flavor of Trout Stanley ... Characters flow beautifully as their roles shift, flip, and tumble—the only static element is the title character. Trout is enlightened and absurd, but doesn't really grow as the play progresses. Instead, his absurdity leaches into the sisters ... He's the catalyst of the sisters' tension, but it is the star.'

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