Shameless Magazine Contemplates Suzette Mayr's Masterful Storytelling

By Julia Horel
November 18 2011

Shameless magazine admires the way Suzette Mayr's novel Monoceros combines expansiveness with cohesion, social criticism with ambiguity, all in the service of a compelling narrative:

'Seventeen-year-old Patrick Furey commits suicide in the first chapter of Mayr’s novel, which proceeds to detail the fallout that consumes a variety of characters at his Catholic high school. Those affected include his clandestine lover, his lover’s jealous girlfriend (whose homophobic bullying played no small part in Patrick’s suicide), and his guidance counselor and principal (middle-aged men who have been secretly living together for years.) The hugely varied personal stories of everyone affected by Patrick’s death are held together by a strong thread that runs through the novel, providing narrative momentum even as the characters struggle to move forward. Ultimately Monoceros poses the question of what happens after a suicide and skillfully avoids a definitive answer.'

- Julia Horel

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