Seattle Gay Scene calls Trout Stanley 'an artistic triumph'

By Michael Strangeways
Seattle Gay Scene
March 30 2010

'Sex kitten Grace and her fraternal twin sister Sugar, a hyperactive agoraphobe who hasn't left their rural BC/Canada cabin for 10 years, have co-exhisted in an uneasy co dependence since the bizarre deaths of their parents on their 20th birthday. On the eve of their 30th birthday, the disappearance of a local woman dubbed "the Scrabble Champ Stripper" by the local media and the sudden appearance of a shaggy, sexy, wolf cub of a man named Trout Stanley, a man who flatly declares "I never lie" threatens to destroy the sister's relationship and expose a lifetime of lies and betrayals and family secrets.

Claudia Dey's play has been dubbed a "Canadian Gothic" ripe with strong, colorful, larger than life characters and a plot and thematic style familiar to fans of the plays of Sam Shepard or Lanford Wilson ... Trout Stanley is an engaging work by a playwright with great promise ... Trout Stanley is an artistic triumph and deserves to be seen by a large audience.'

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