Saskatoon's Planet S likes The Milk Chicken Bomb's strange journey back to puberty

By Kelly Brownlee
Planet S
June 21, 2007

What do rock stars write about? Well, in this case, angst-filled youth and the ramblings of disgruntled adolescence—you know, the same things they sing about. Andrew Wedderburn, a member of Calgary rockers Hot Little Rocket, takes a strange journey back to puberty with his first novel, The Milk Chicken Bomb.

Remember when you first realized as a kid that things were perhaps not as simple as they seemed to be? You started making inferences and reaching a little deeper into your perception of events. Wedderburn takes his readers through this process with an unconventional, and sometimes scattered, train of thought.

The tones of Wedderburn’s outcast and loner characters will reach many readers on a very familiar level, thanks to the popularity of oddities like Napoleon Dynamite and similar characters in recent years. In The Milk Chicken Bomb, Wedderburn identifies what it’s like to live on that outer fringe in a small town when nothing you do seems to help you fit in—and he does it well.

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