Rover Arts on The Certainty Dream

By Abby Paige
Rover Arts
February 8 2010

'packed with ... echo-locating bats, celebrity suicide notes, and the Mars rovers poetically named Spirit and Opportunity. Hall invokes great thinkers (Hume, Descartes, and Pascal, for example) to address some grand philosophical questions: What is real? Where does the past go? Does God exist? How can I know for sure? ... Much of the book captures that vague state of consciousness between sleep and waking when dreams still seem real and the laws of language, narrative, and logic are still loose. Hall’s subconscious is busy with wild animals, odd machines, and lots and lots of birds, and her penchant for startling imagery helps to transport us to a dreamlike state: God hides inside a pepper grinder, a herd of antelope eat the siding off of a house, dump trucks file out of a suitcase, and someone (George Herbert?) has left an orange tree at Lost and Found.'

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