Nouspique Blog Explains Why You Should Like Li'l Bastard

By David Allan Barker
January 10 2012

On his blog, Nouspique, David Allan Barker offers ten reasons why you should like David McGimpsey's most recent Coach House collection, Li'l Bastard. The list covers everything from McGimpsey's hilarious titles, to his insightful aphorisms, to the way he rebuts condescending Canadian ideas about American popular culture:

'Many of McGimpsey’s “chubby sonnets” should not be read without first pausing to savour the title.

'McGimpsey understands the cultural importance of Barnaby Jones like few poets speaking for our generation.

'His poems can also be mined for aphorisms, although not the sort of aphorisms Zarathustra would cite from his cave on the mountain, more the sort of aphorisms that qualify as "gas-station wisdom".

'McGimpsey shows you what it’s like to be a middle-aged man on the run from the things middle-aged men are usually on the run from. Except that running has become acutely disappointing since every place looks like the place before. They all have box stores and cheap motels and tacos and Pepsi.'

Click here toread the full list.

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