NewPages Admires Leigh Kotsilidis' Provocative Debut Collection, Hypotheticals

By Alyse Bensel
NewPages Book Review
February 1 2012

Alyse Bensel of the website NewPages marvels at Leigh Kotsilidis' alliterative poetic riddles in Hypotheticals, the poet's debut Coach House collection:

'In Hypotheticals, the scientific method breaks down into a scattering of hypothetical circumstances. Leigh Kotsilidis’s debut poetry collection delves into the reimagining of knowledge and personhood, questioning, on an elemental scale, the configuration of the world. A variety of formal and free verse poems, Hypotheticals takes a hard yet lyrical look at the creatures and objects that inhabit our planet, inviting the reader in to experience these strange and surprising sensations.

'Kotsilidis’s work brings a humbling sense of the human place within the world, but also demonstrates how imaginatively wrought language can infuse a sense of wonder and play within the human perspective. Presented in fragments yet inextricably tied together, Hypotheticals combines scientific and poetic inquiry to startling effect.

Read the full review here.

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