National Post stumps for Chase & Haven

By Bruce Deachman
National Post
December 27 2008

This is a brutally bleak story of two siblings, Chase and Haven, growing up in a world of squalor, alcoholism and violence. Chase survives because he has Haven watching out for him, teaching him when to say yes and when to keep silent. Haven, meanwhile, makes it through because Chase needs her to. In an interview with the author in the Ottawa Citizen, Bruce Deachman writes: 'Yet while Chase and Haven's childhood is one that most people can only imagine, Blouin, 48 and an English and religion teacher at St. Michael's High School in Kemptville, Ont., creates vivid images using a storytelling format that bounces readers from one seemingly random memory to another -- some a few pages long, others just a line or two -- each recollection revealed in the author's beautifully lean and powerful voice. Over the course of the novel, scores of vignettes are drawn together into a single, breathless tale of endurance, like water droplets coalescing into a dark pool.' Buy it.

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