The National Post Reviews Eye Lake, Tristan Hughes' 'Richly Imagined' Northern-Ontario Yarn

By Michael Christie
National Post
December 9 2011

The National Post's Michael Christie comments on the carefully crafted metaphors, vivid imagery and sensitive depictions of small-town life that make Tristan Hughes' Eye Lake such an enjoyable novel to read:

'Hughes does well at evoking the history and landscape of Crooked River: the inky lakes, the fireweed, the flies, the rock cuts, the blueberry patches, the jack pine and bulrushes are all rendered with a loving touch. He conjures a town teeming with resourceful, eccentric, zany, yet lovable characters, inhabiting a perpetually shifting and unwelcoming landscape, as they are haunted by things lost, buried, repressed, missing, forgotten, sunken, some of which are eventually unearthed, rediscovered, found, surfaced and remembered.

'Eye Lake is a sturdy and ... compelling novel, ripe with luminous prose and well-sustained metaphor, a fine investigation of isolation, work, family, the Canadian pioneer spirit and the doomed communities that linger in opportunity’s wake.'

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