Monoceros is 'Frustrating for all the Right Reasons,' says Gay Calgary and Edmonton Magazine

By Evan Kayne
Gay Calgary and Edmonton Magazine
October 1 2011

As a book that deals with the silences and hypocrisies that enable homophobic schoolyard bullying, Suzette Mayr's Monoceros is "frustrating for all the right reasons," says Evan Kayne from Gay Calgary and Edmonton magazine. Kayne also praises Mayr's novel for its sensitivity, depth and formal complexity:

'Rather than concentrating on those immediately impacted by [the character] Furey’s death, the book looks at how those who were peripheral to the boy’s life are yet still touched by the tragedy.... Suzette Mayr has written very believable characters you want to confront in person for the mess in their lives, and for their indifference which helped kill the boy.'

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