Lambda calls Sina Queyras 'a poet to read and reckon with'

By Julie R. Enszer
Lambda Literary
June 15 2010

'Expressway is Queyras’s fourth collection of poetry following her 2006 Lambda Literary Award-winning collection, Lemon Hound. Lemon Hound is a tour de force; it meditates in particular on the work of Virginia Woolf and Gertrude Stein through playful and soulful responses to the work of both writers. Lemon Hound is both lyrical and political, feminist and literary, lesbian and human; it is to me one of the best books of poetry by a lesbian in the first decade of this century. Expressway is a different type of project than Lemon Hound, though both are shaped by an inquisitive and obsessive mind attending to the contemporary world. ...

Queyras’s poetry is deeply political, but Queyras has multiple engagements, which is what makes her work exciting. She explores expressways as a trope for progress and for United States hegemony and brings her poetic eye to a series of fatal car accidents across the United States. These are images and ideas that a reader expects from the title, but Queyras is adept equally at dwelling in the pastoral of Dorothy Wordsworth. Eclectic engagements characterize Queyras’s work, but any suggestion of characterization of her work immediately brings a morphing to something new, intelligent, and provocative.

The sounds of Expressway are striking. Queyras captures in language what has become the white noise of our transportation and media background. Queyras’s attention to sound, form, image, and language in her poetry is keen; the result of this attention to the art and craft of poetry and of her expansive, penetrating mind makes Expressway another powerful collection of poetry. In short, Sina Queyras is a poet to read and reckon with.'

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