"If You Read One Book this Summer, Make it Monoceros"

By Angie Abdou
Fernie Fix
July 31 2911

Angie Abdou, author of The Bone Cage, adds Suzette Mayr to her list of beloved Canadian authors after reading Monoceros. In Abdou's opinion, the novel shines for the way it balances levity with hard-hitting realism. Monoceros came out last spring from Coach House:

In the midst of this homophobia, discrimination and the resulting tragedy, the monoceros (or unicorn) works as a symbol of innocence and youthful magic, raising the question: is there any hope for innocence in a world where nearly everyone is culpable? The novel begins with “u r a fag” scrawled on a locker and ends with Suzette Mayr’s answer to this question. The way Mayr structures all the material in between – the endless succession of Mondays – is nothing short of dazzling.

For the full review, see here.

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