The Globe and Mail is Enthralled with Autobiography of Childhood

By Nathaniel G. Moore
Globe and Mail
November 18 2011

The Globe and Mail's Nathaniel G. Moore admires Sina Queyras's debut novel, Autobiography of Childhood, for its sharp, terse prose, its narrative style, which is at once meandering and suspenseful, and its clear-eyed understanding of mortality, memory and familial strife:

'From the beginning, Queyras reveals distinct portents with authorial panache.

'Autobiography of Childhood is a sharp, post-millennial family novel with a purpose, a kinetic, shared trauma that investigates the parts and the whole, creating an uneasy tableau of life’s arbitrary cruelties.

'The novel is a striking comment on tragedy and its place in the human jigsaw puzzle.'

For the full review, click here.

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