The Edmonton Journal Marvels at Li'l Bastard, McGimpsey's Hilarious Epic

By Fish Griwkowsky
Edmonton Journal
January 18 2012

In a glowing write-up, the Edmonton Journal admires David McGimpsey's Li'l Bastard, a humorous, elegiac romp, that is at once richly detailed and epic in scope:

'Achilles and Odysseus may have seen more action, but they’re less funny than David McGimpsey.

'The Montreal poet has done a curious and wonderful thing with his latest book, creating a sort of confessional epic poem — hence the nod to the scantily-clad Greeks. The 128 poems in Li’l Bastard serve both as semi-autobiography and semi-condemnation of our featherweight pop culture. Mind you, one of the rules of epic poetry is it generally focuses on greased-up action, avoiding the banal details of everyday life. In the poems of this jackalope-adorned pocketbook, McGimpsey showers in mundane pop’s tabloid noise willingly, full of simultaneous love and disappointment.

'Taylor Swift comes up in unhealthy doses. Capt. Crunch’s full name — Horatio Magellan Crunch — is revealed. There is an entire section of the book in which McGimpsey, addressing his aching years, inhabits the television character of a constantly-perjurious Barnaby Jones. Two generations of porn actresses get name-checked, while throughout, baseball fandom clashes with literature references, dragged through the mud of a world in apparent decline. It’s very funny, reminiscent of the messiness of the Internet, but the static transmits a central loneliness.'

Read the full article here.

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