Contemporary Verse 2 on Jon Paul Fiorentino's Indexical Elegies and Desiring Machines

By jenn angela lopes
January 3 2012

In the journal Contemporary Verse 2, jenn angela lopes reads Jon Paul Fiorentino's sombre, philosophical poetry collection Indexical Elegies through the lens of master critical theorists Deleuze and Guattari.

'Jon Paul Fiorentino’s Indexical Elegies gorgeously unbolts the process of desiring machines ... Desiring machines, the spaces in which production of reality takes place, are always binary, involving a flowing thing into another thing that ceases the flow: a breast to a mouth, an index to an elegy, a sign to an object. Desire nourishes itself in its breaking down, in its not being fixed because it is a system of breaks: thought to the pen, pen to the paper, words to the eyes, sounds to ears, everywhere there are breaks and flows.'

To read a longer excerpt, click here.

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