Broken Pencil girl-crushes on Stunt

By Kae McNemeny
Broken Pencil
August 29 6400

Claudia Dey should be your new girl crush. An attractive blonde with a relationship column in the Globe and Mail newspaper, I though her work may be comparable to, uh, Leah McLaren? But thankfully, it's not! Stunt, her debut novel, revolves around the enchanting nine-year-old character Eugenia Ledoux who is trying to find out where and why her father, Sheb, has gone after walking out on her family with a mission to 'save the world.' Soon Eugenia's mother, Mink, disappears and she and her beautiful older sister, Immaculata, double in age overnight, making everything sound as strange, beautiful and poetic as a song by The Cure. What is really beautiful about Stunt is not the heartbreaking story between a father and daughter, but the way Dey writes about Toronto: magically, romantically and modernly.

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