Broken Pencil appreciates The Porcupinity of the Stars

The Porcupinity of the Stars
By Nathaniel G. Moore
Broken Pencil
October 15 2010

'With the ongoing debate between the two major streams of poetry in Canada - lyric and language - Barwin is one of those, let's say, double-dippers attempting to successfully walk on the borders of each, using humour as his guide ... yes Barwin is funny, but cleverer and more intellectual than just going for broke ha-ha-clown funny. The devotion to his particular vision is apparent ... By using a simple and direct cleverness to express what is clearly a passion for the surreal and unique, Barwin delivers us to the scent, to the fold, to the precise source of his meaning ... Read the poem 'Horse' and in those 15 little lines feel a wild ride, surprise ending and a completed circuit of actuality. A hazy realism trying to avoid abstraction - and succeeding without ever achieving grim ritual.'

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