BookSexyReview loves the All My Friends Are Superheroes audio book!

December 7 2010

Everybody loves the Canadians, right? Mounties, UN Peacekeepers, Mike Meyers and Kids In the Hall – all of which goes a long way towards making up for Celine Dion. Add Andrew Kaufman’s name to the “plus” column. After reading and reviewing The Waterproof Bible I received an offer from to listen to the audio version of his first novel, All My Friends Are Superheroes. I jumped at the chance. And enjoyed every moment of the entire 2 hours, 7 minutes and 11 seconds I spent riveted to my iPod ...

Andrew Kaufman’s superheroes are snarky and hip and bear a striking resemblance to people you’d meet on the dating circuit of any major city. The Stress Bunny – who absorbs the stress of everyone around her like a sponge (and subsequently throws the best parties). Hypno – who hypnotizes women into believing they’ll have the best sex of their life with him, and then tries to convince them that just because he hypnotized them into believing it was the best sex they ever had, doesn’t mean it’s not true. There’s some guy whose superpower is to make every morning Sunday morning – which amounts to a lot of time spent in bed and the deterioration of personal hygiene rituals. The Ear, The Amphibian, T.V. Girl, The Sitcom Kid and dozens more make cameo appearances – at a party Tom yells out the name “The” as a joke and everyone turns to look ...

As for format: I enjoyed reading The Waterproof Bible and I’m sure I would have enjoyed reading All My Friends Are Superheroes. But I’m ultimately glad that I listened to the audiobook version. Gordan Mackenzie’s narration is fabulous! No exaggeration. He reads as if this novel was written just for him – with all the quirkiness of characterization and dry humor that it deserves. So if you’re a comic book geek or a fan of Wes Anderson films, or just in need of a light, entertaining read to relax with over the holidays; I highly recommend you check this one out.

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