Avenue Calgary previews Monoceros

By Jaelyn Molyneaux
Avenue Calgary
March 23 2011

Avenue Magazine in Calgary released an early review of Suzette Mayr's Monoceros on March 23, 2011:

University of Calgary professor Suzette Mayr’s fourth novel, Monoceros, is due out this month and the tragicomedy is earning buzz for its tender and witty take on teen suicide.

Mayr explores the ripple effect the suicide of a gay 17-year-old has on a motley crew of high school characters, including an upset classmate who never really knew the dead boy, the counsellor and principal who are preoccupied with their own affair and the deliciously named drag queen Crêpe Suzette. To call a story about suicide funny might seem off-putting, but Mayr balances tenderness and humour to make this novel a poignant must-read. Monoceros will be released by Coach House Books on April 15.

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