Zachary Scholem Berger Explores Gabe Foreman's Taxonomical Universe

By Zachary Scholem Berger
Zachary Sholem Berger's Blog
August 19 2011

Blogger Zachary Scholem Berger admires the skillful way in which poet Gabe Foreman separates the average dudes, from the jerks, the jerks, and the jerks, in his debut Coach House collection, A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People:

Trapped in Montreal one winter night, John Ashbery, Ambrose Bierce, and Ethan Coen rented out the brain of Gabe Foreman to produce the pretty-witty A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People. It’s cleverly alphabetical. Genres are parody-checked. There is a narrator who occasionally allows himself the first person – he lives, it appears, in suburbia, is oft disappointed in love, and knows that we are going to die.

For the full article, see here.

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