'Barwin’s poems and prose poems/fictions are getting sharper, subtler ... writing poems on straightforward and often massive subjects but through a perception that often moves around what we so rarely question, as though a child’s imagination writing with the comprehension and intelligence of an adult.'

Read the whole review here.

Coach House is delighted to announce that Kate Hall has been awarded the A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry for her debut collection The Certainty Dream. The prize was awarded on Wednesday, November 23 by the Quebec Writers' Federation at the Lion d'Or in Montreal.

Congratulations to all winning authors!

Cailey and Lindsay of Open Book Ontario stopped by the Coach House recently to take a tour, and posted their photos on the website.

Click here to take a look!

Gary Barwin (The Porcupinity of the Stars) recently spent some time in Philadelphia, and Al Filreis wrote about the visit on his blog.

Gary Barwin recently spoke with Hamilton's H Magazine about poetry, his recent tour, and The Porcupinity of the Stars.

'H: Gary – your new collection of poems is entitled “The Porcupinity of the Stars” – great title! What does it mean?

On Friday, November 19, the National Post published an Jonathan Goldsbie's essay from Local Motion.

Jonathan Ball recently sat down with Kenzie Love of FFWD Weekly to talk about impossible theatre, Clockfire and his upcoming event in Calgary.

Dave Meslin, one of the editors of Local Motion spooke with the Globe and Mail's Jay Somerset about the book and how regular citizens can make a difference in their city.

The editors of Local Motion recently ate dinner with Corey Mintz of the Toronto Star and talked about the book, carrots and civic engagement.

derek beaulieu (with wax) has been commissioned by Calgary bookstore Pages Books on Kensington to create a work of visual poetry on the north-facing window of the store.

As the pieces progressed, local animator Emma Rouleau made a stop-action movie of derek's work. You can watch it here.