A recent Guardian article, 'Reading Cities: books about Toronto,' highlights some of the best Toronto-centric reading, and reveals Coach House's penchant for publishing books about The 6:

In a recent interview with Prism Magazine, Asbestos Heights author David McGimpsey talks reading lists (from Emerson to cereal boxes), Justin Trudeau, gangsta rap, biblical-themed miniature golf and the pretentious heart of poetry, the aubade.

49th Shelf has compiled a list of books that capture and distill 'what 2015 felt like (feels like!),' and André Alexis's Fifteen Dogs has made the cut.

Brecken Hancock recently sat down with She Does the City, to talk poetry, family and self care.

Check out the whole conversation, and take a look at Brecken's volume, Broom Broom, winner of the 2015 Language Trillium Award for Poetry in English.

The National Post comments on Fifteen Dogs, just shortlisted for the Giller Prize: 'André Alexis’s luminous and deeply philosophical Fifteen Dogs, a sweet-hearted investigation into how language and human consciousness give meaning to our lives by layering these too human capabilities onto some poor canine souls.'

The Governor General's Literary Awards 2015 shortlist has been announced, and Coach House has done it again!