In response to the recent publication of No Rest for the Dead, a crime novel written piecemeal by twenty-six different authors, the National Post decided to try its hand at collective composition, albeit on a smaller scale.

For those of you who believe, as we do, that literature should be heard as well as read, check out our modest but exciting audiobook selection available through iambik, an online purveyor of adventurous independent titles, new and old.

City politics in Toronto are a hot topic these days, and with good reason!

Help make sure that the Giller judges remain attuned to the Canadian small-press tradition by nominating Coach House novels for the longlist.

Gail Scott, author of The Obituary and Spare Parts, talks to blogger Rob McLennan about her creative processes and about the theoretical concerns that underwrite her craft.

Daniel Jones's debut, and sole, collection, The Brave Never Write Poetry, may have been woefully overlooked when it first came out in the mid '80s, but today, over a decade and a half after the poet's untimely death, there is a sudden resurgence of interest in his work.

In an interview with Open Book Toronto, Helen Guri discusses the experience of canoe-tripping from reading to reading with a group of six scrappy fellow poets. It's an experience that, for Guri, changes the way one views one's craft, and it helps writers to overcome the anxieties associated with public readings.

Writing in the journal Canadian Literature, Janet Neigh discusses the cacophony of themes and characters that populate Susan Holbrook's Joy Is So Exhausting, a collection that is equally concerned with literary history as it is with small-scae domestic affections. Joy Is So Exhausting came out in 2009:

Lyric Translations

Canadian Literature's Crystal Hurdle reviews Cordelia Strube's Lemon, focussing on the work's eponymous teenage protagonist whose cynical insights breath new life into the genre of high school melodrama. Lemon came out in 2009:

Comic Bildungsromans

Our Ebook Fire(wire) Sale was one of our most popular web sales yet. And in true Hollywood form, we're giving it a sequel: The Ebook Fire(wire) Sale 2 - Electric Boogaloo!