On Saturday, May 1, local musicians will be performing songs based on various Coach House books at Torn from the Pages, part of this year's Open House Festival.

'Christian Bök ... is struggling manfully to teach bugs to write poetry ... Deinococcus radiodurans may not be the most lyrical bacterium, but once he teaches it to store and even create poetry, Bök theorizes, it will never stop. “It could be on the planet when the sun explodes,” he says. “Effectively I’m trying to write a book that would last forever.”

'MTV Music Book Club: Who should read this book?

On Sunday, April 25, 2010, the Calgary Herald asked kevin mcpherson eckhoff (Rhapsodomancy) some questions:

Given that he works in the somewhat unheralded medium of visual poetry and is a relative newcomer to the publicity game, we can probably forgive British Columbia's kevin mcpherson eckhoff for often seeming at a loss for words when discussing his new book Rhapsodomancy (Coach House Books, 87 pages, $16.95).

Available online well before autumn! Well before all the spring books are available, even!

We proudly present the Fall 2010 Coach House catalogue, with an outstanding cover image from Ryan Snook. Download the PDF to read more about our forthcoming fall books, and check out more of Snook's artwork at

Check out the catalogue here.

Do you believe poetry is worth talking about?

Since 2006, Margaret Christakos has spent plenty of Wednesday evenings talking poetry with a vibrant group of students and writers. Now you can join the conversation. On Wednesday, April 21, check out, an online magazine with a serious passion for Canadian poetry.

Julie Wilson of the Seen Reading recently visited Susan Holbrook to record her reading of Joy Is So Exhausting. She'll post Susan's recordings in succession, eight a day, from Monday, April 19 to Thursday, April 22. On Friday, April 23 she will post one file of Susan reading the book from beginning to end.

'Montreal poet Kate Hall is one of the rising stars of the Canadian poetry scene and her debut volume, The Certainty Dream, has been short-listed for this year’s Griffin Prize, one of the world’s richest poetry awards.

Coach House poet a.rawlings (Wide Slumber for Lepidopterists) was recently interviewed by Kistan, an Icelandic online journal. If you read Icelandic, click here to read the whole story.

Alan Reed recently returned to his hometown of Edmonton to launch Isobel and Emile, his first novel. While there, he spoke with See Magazine about the book.

'Reed describes his writing style as “stripped down,” but with a purpose.