This spring, Coach House published a dazzling debut novel, The Drifts. The novel follows an unhappily expectant mom, a man in love with a cow, a woman built like a refrigerator and a transsexual father as they navigate life in small-town Arkansas in the middle of a blizzard. It is, in the words of author and playwright RM Vaughan, 'a magical book, reminding us why we read novels in the first place – to hear voices in our heads. Voices that sing and spit, hum and rage, luxuriate and curse in equal, and vital, measure.'

'Over and over, we’re told that Toronto is not Paris, New York, London or Tokyo. We’ve been trained to be underwhelmed ... Today, Toronto gets to play all kinds of places in film and TV productions, but it rarely stars as itself. We see cameras taking pictures of NYC cabs on our streets, but not of the Royal, Beck or Co-op companies that Torontonians know. Since Toronto seems to exist without design or reason, we don’t expect to turn the corner and see beauty or be amazed ... Any Toronto flâneur knows that exploring this city makes the burden of civic self-deprecation disappear.'

The newest episode of Spacing Radio features Shawn Micallef discussing his new book (Stroll) and the benefits of walking in Toronto.

Prior to his appearance at Moncton's Frye Festival, Christian Bök answered a few questions from the Telegraph Journal. Here's an excerpt:

Christian Bök asked Santa Claus for a typewriter when he was four years old. He got one and hasn't stopped writing ...

Can't wait to buy Shawn Micallef's book Stroll? Visit the Stroll 'Walk This Way' page. It features several of the maps from the book, excerpts and personally guided walks from Spacing's Dylan Reid, the Globe and Mail's Ivor Tossell and the CBC's Jane Farrow.

On Saturday, May 1, local musicians will be performing songs based on various Coach House books at Torn from the Pages, part of this year's Open House Festival.

'Christian Bök ... is struggling manfully to teach bugs to write poetry ... Deinococcus radiodurans may not be the most lyrical bacterium, but once he teaches it to store and even create poetry, Bök theorizes, it will never stop. “It could be on the planet when the sun explodes,” he says. “Effectively I’m trying to write a book that would last forever.”

'MTV Music Book Club: Who should read this book?

On Sunday, April 25, 2010, the Calgary Herald asked kevin mcpherson eckhoff (Rhapsodomancy) some questions:

Given that he works in the somewhat unheralded medium of visual poetry and is a relative newcomer to the publicity game, we can probably forgive British Columbia's kevin mcpherson eckhoff for often seeming at a loss for words when discussing his new book Rhapsodomancy (Coach House Books, 87 pages, $16.95).

Available online well before autumn! Well before all the spring books are available, even!

We proudly present the Fall 2010 Coach House catalogue, with an outstanding cover image from Ryan Snook. Download the PDF to read more about our forthcoming fall books, and check out more of Snook's artwork at

Check out the catalogue here.