In a Q&A on 'Anti-Climactic Romance, Reading for Fun, and the Ethics of Representing Violence,' the Town Crier's Dana Ewachow talks with Andrew Battershill about is debut novel, Pillow.

Kerry Clare writes of the title character of Andrew Battershill's debut novel, Pillow: '[t]he name is an example of the book's natural, unique weirdness, which combines surrealism and crime fiction ... [t]he humour of this novel is also effortless and clear.'

'I wonder,' said Hermes, what it would be like if animals had human intelligence.'

Lucky for us, we don't have have to wonder – because André Alexis does all of the wondering for us.

In the wake of his Writer's Trust Fiction Prize win, André Alexis sat down with As It Happens' Carol Off to chat about his novel, Fifteen Dogs.

As part of the warmup to last week's big Giller night, André Alexis and the other Giller finalists met with CBC News to imagine adaptations of their nominated books.

Watch the video here.

In the wake of BUTCHER's lauded reception at Alberta Theatre Projects in Calgary in 2014, Nicolas Billon's latest play is being produced across the country, proving the popularity - in Billon's hands, at least - of contemporary takes on ancient Greek themes. 

A round of applause for Andy McGuire, who after a well-fought battle of words, won the first-ever Poetry Games against the other IFOA authors on November 1st! Andy's prize includes the chance to read at the Bookworm International Literary Festival in Beijing in March.

Andy's new book, Country Club, was just released this fall.

Helen Hajnoczky, author of the forthcoming poetry book, Magyarázni, chatted with Touch the Donkey about an excerpt,  from that project, "Four Poems from Bloom and Martyr," writing practices, cultural identity and poetic influence.

Read the whole conversation here.

All Lit Up's Lisa de Nikolits chatted with Andrew Battershill about his debut novel, Pillow, as part of a multi-part interview series with 'Emerging Canadian Writers.' They talk theme, French Surrealism, and the magic of reading.