That's right! David Balzer, author or 2014's Curationism, has taken first place this year at the International Awards for Art Criticism (IAAC) for his review 'Douglas Coupland Doesn't Care About You.' The review was published on Canadian Art's website in March.

Author Ann Morgan thought herself well-traveled until she glanced at the origins of the books that populate her shelves. It was then that she decided to branch out and explore the world of literature by reading a book from every country in the world.

November 30, 2015 — Coach House is sad to hear that poet Judith Fitzgerald died on November 25th at the age of 63 in her home in Northern Ontario.

The National Post has called Ben Ladouceur's Otter one of the best books of the year, calling the Ottawa native's debut collection 'a sensuous appreciation of love and of conflict, refashioning formal, militarized glory into feelings borne out of Grindr dates and the electric nature of love and its end.'

Like a canister of Pillsbury holiday cookie dough, we’ve suddenly decided to pop open. We’ve long sold books to customers who manage to find their way to our coach house at 80 bpNichol Lane, but now we’re making it semi-official with an informal storefront. Come browse our wares in our charmingly dilapidated warehouse, get your purchase gift wrapped, and tell your friends you bought your Coach House books factory-direct, so there.

It's officially December, so we're cozying up in sweaters, debating the merits of Love Actually and stocking up on egg nog (we only get thirty sweet, noggy days!). But things aren't winding down at the old coach house just because we're lacing up our Christmas shoes. We're offering a veritable flurry of holiday deals this season that are guaranteed to make your heart grow at least three sizes

Check out our fall sampler podcast, An Audio Taste of Fall, featuring readings of their latest work by Andrew Battershill, Joshua Trotter, Rhonda Mullins, Andy McGuire and Christian Bök

49th Shelf has announced their list of the Best Books of the Year, and the GG-winning Twenty-Once Cardinals, written by Jocelyne Saucier and translated by Rhonda Mullins, has made the list!

On November 3rd, the Ottawa Arts Council's On View series welcomed Coach House poets Brecken Hancock and David O'Meara into the literary spotlight, calling him 'the quietest and most deliberate of the readers,' his work, 'prosaic and playful.'