At the Toronto Star, journalist Ryan Porter looked at Sarah Liss's Army of Lovers and used it as a jumping-off point for a larger look at the book's subject, Will Munro, and his legacy on the worlds of art and fashion. The story ran on Thursday, September 18.

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The weekend of September 20, the Montreal Gazette profiled hometown literary man-about-town, Jon Paul Fiorentino. The author of the new poetry collection, Needs Improvement, talked with the interviewer about writing poetry, growing up in Transcona and why his mother thinks he still needs improvement:

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On Friday, September 20, Army of Lovers author Sarah Liss spoke with Matt Galloway for CBC's Metro Morning. Liss, the culture editor of The Grid magazine, was discussing her new book Army of Lovers, a community history of the late activist, artist and community builder Will Munro.

On Saturday, September 21, the Globe and Mail asked In Love with Art author and comics' writer Jeet Heer, 'What older book have you recently discovered?' Here's what he said:

On September 19, writer Chris Randle tackled the avant-garde comix artifact that is Martin Vaughn-James's The Cage on the Hazlitt site. Recently released in a new edition by Coach House, the 1975 cult comic has intrigued and baffled readers for decades. Randle gets into it at Hazlitt:

The Hazlitt website has a regular podcast called 'The Arcade,' in which they interview authors with new and interesting books. In their seventh installment, The Arcade producers talk with author Marisha Pessl about her new novel, Night Film, and they cover the launch of Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam.

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September 17, 2013 — Andrew Faulkner (Need Machine), who will be reading at Word On the Street Toronto this Sunday, September 22, in the Vibrant Voices of Ontario tent at 3:00 p.m. spoke to Open Book Toronto about the book and magazine festival experience:

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September 13, 2013 — David O'Meara, co-founder of the acclaimed Plan 99 Reading Series in Ottawa and author of the forthcoming A Pretty Sight spoke with Ottawa Tonite about judging the 2012 Griffin Poetry Prize, his collaboration with with the Hilotrons' Mike Dubue and promoting his latest work: