As you embark on your summer holidays this year, 49th Shelf wants you to "plan place-appropriate reads along with your itinerary." At Coach House, we've got lots of options as you map out your (literary) travels, and for the #ReadLocal Special, 49th Shelf recommends Dorothy Ellen Palmer's

CBC Canada Reads finalist and Alberta author Angie Abdou dropped by Daybreak Alberta to chat about Jon Chan Simpon's debut novel, Chinkstar, which she recently reviewed.

Recenty, David McGimpsey sat down with The Mackinac to talk about his primary poetic subject (American pop culture); the influence of francophone language (David is an English poet living in Montreal); (physical) form and content ("Because every idea of Coach House's production is met to execute artistic vision, working with them has easiy been the most rewarding professional experience I've had in my life as a writer.

Andre Alexis's Fifteen Dogs has made Globe and Mail Books editor Mark Medley's list of summer reading selections.

If you don't already have it, snatch it up now for those lazy weekends on your beach towel (warning: you might need a corner of that towel to dry your eyes ...)!

On July 2, Jon Chan Simpson, author of Chinkstar, talked to CBC Books about how he wrote his first novel, one that required him to invent his "own lexicon—from 'kung pao reflux' to 'stick literacy' (chopstick, that is)."

This morning, the Betty Mitchell Awards Board of Directors announced the nominations for the 2015 Betty Mitchell Awards, a prize that recognizes outstanding achievement in Calgary professional theatre.

If you're wanting a preview of Jocelyn Saucier's new novel, Twenty-One Cardinals, check out the excerpt, "The One Who Smiles," in Fiction Advocate.

Since you'll certainly want to pick up the book after, we've made it easy for you.

More accolades for The Ward, this time from the Sunday Edition's Michael Enright, who says that the book of photographs and essays that illustrate the fascinating history of Toronto's first immigrant neighborhood "should be of interest to Canadians anywhere, reminding us that we all came from some place else."

If the rain last weekend ruined your Toronto Pride celebrations, CBC Books suggests you check out Sina Queyras's MxT for a great summer LGBT read.

Jezebel has compiled A Haphazard Summer Reading List For All of Your Summer Moods, and wedged between titles that emit "Dystopian Vibes" and books that that it's "Not Too Late" to read, sits Tamara Faith Berger's Maidenhead, filed under "Start a Brawl at Book Club." Jane Marie writes: "This was BY FAR themost divisive