If you needed any further encouragement to read it, our friends at have called John Goldbach's debut novel The Devil & the Detective one of the Best Books of the Year So Far.

Over at Open Book Toronto, the June Writer-in-Residence Andrew Faulkner (Need Machine) interviewed Cosmo's Spencer Gordon about short stories and places to write, in a surreal, over-the-top interview.

An excerpt follows:

* * *

Prior to Canada Day, the CBC Books site speculated on some of the most exciting new authors of 2013. In their own words:

Which writers will become CanLit stars in the years to come? It could be any (or perhaps even all) of these 10 up-and-coming authors. Get to know the 2013 CBC Books' Writers to Watch.

Update: we've extended our Warehouse Summer Blowout until August 31!

Summer is the perfect time to do our warehouse inventory at Coach House (mainly because the temperature in the warehouse is above sub-zero). And the fewer books we have to count, the easier our job is. As inveterate slackers (we just never got over Reality Bites and Singles), we're big fans of easy jobs, so we're instituting our Summer Warehouse Blowout! We need to clean up this warehouse, so we're holding a really, really, really ridiculous summer sale.

On June 18, Coach House poet Matthew Tierney won the Trillium Book Award for Poetry for his third collection, Probably Inevitable. Prior to his win, the people at Open Book Ontario interviewed him, alongside a few other Trillium nominees.

Keep your voices down and pay off your overdue fines: Coach House will be at the American Library Association's Annual Conference for the first time ever. The 2013 ALA Conference, which takes place in Chicago, is a trade conference and show for thousands of librarians across the United States.

Coach House author Matthew Tierney is among the winners of the 2013 Trillium Book Awards, Ontario’s prestigious literature awards. Tierney received the Trillium Book Award for Poetry in the English Language category, which carries a $10,000 prize for his third poetry collection, Probably Inevitable.

Edward Keenan (Some Great Idea) appeared on TVO's show, The Agenda on June 6, to talk on a panel about City Hall and Mayor Ford. View the video on the TVO website.

June 11, 2013 — In a tongue-in-cheek post on 49th Shelf, Spencer Gordon (Cosmo) outlines key questions NOT to ask authors in interviews, doing his part to save everyone a little time and frustration:

3. Number three is a three-parter, cleverly:

a) Do not ask the author if she likes to see her name in print.