Howard Akler's beautiful and moving essay about consciousness, patrimony and writing, Men of Action, has made the New York Times' 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

Alexis chats with host Alan Neal about his Rogers Writers' Trust and Giller-winning novel, Fifteen Dogs.

The shortlist for the 2015 Speaker's Book Award has been announced, and The Ward has made the cut!

Hosted by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, the Speaker's Book Award recognizes works by Ontario authors that reflects the diverse culture and rich history of the province and of its residents. The winner will be announced in March 2016.

In a Q&A on 'Anti-Climactic Romance, Reading for Fun, and the Ethics of Representing Violence,' the Town Crier's Dana Ewachow talks with Andrew Battershill about is debut novel, Pillow.

Kerry Clare writes of the title character of Andrew Battershill's debut novel, Pillow: '[t]he name is an example of the book's natural, unique weirdness, which combines surrealism and crime fiction ... [t]he humour of this novel is also effortless and clear.'

'I wonder,' said Hermes, what it would be like if animals had human intelligence.'

Lucky for us, we don't have have to wonder – because André Alexis does all of the wondering for us.