Read an excerpt from Subdivided in NOW: co-editor Jay Pitter on a visit to the social housing community of her childhood. Jay makes the astute point that a larger problem of social housing communities is "that human dignity is rarely a guiding principle in the design of social housing."

Read Subdivided contributor Noreen Ahmed-Ullah's chapter on how Brampton was dubbed a ghetto, presented as an excerpt in The Globe and Mail.

We were chuffed to see You Only Live Twice on CBC Books' list of 10 Great Canadian Books to Read During Pride. 

Check out the full list here, which also features Chase Joynt's touring partner, Vivek Shraya!  

Open Book Toronto's James Lindsay sat down with Ken Sparling to discuss This Poem is a House, the jump from prose to poems, spirituality, and how much he loves Derek McCormack. Check out the interview here.  

Check out Fatima Syed's contribution to Subdivided, a chapter on a mosque in Mississauga, and how the proposal doesn’t just mean negotiation planning, but notions of race, religion, and identity. Fatima's chapter was featured as an excerpt in Torontoist

Jay Pitter spoke to the Globe & Mail's Alex Bozikovic about erasing the 'spatial shame' surrounding social housing, the subject of her essay in Subdivided

Read the full article here!

Reviewing Christian Bök's The Xenotext: Book 1 for American Scientist, Michael Leong calls the book 'at once rigorously scientific and rigorously literary.' He goes on to write that 'Bök's work is an important bridge not only between conservative formalists and cutting-edge conceptualists but between poetic and scientific communities.

Nick Thurston's Of the Subcontract, Or Principles of Poetic Right is a collection of poems about computational capitalism, each of which was written by an underpaid worker subcontracted through’s Mechanical Turk service.

Originally published in print by Information as Material in the UK, it's now available through Coach House as an ebook, for just $5.

If you liked The Ward book you will love The Ward musical! JUNO Award-winning Toronto musician, composer and producer David Buchbinder is collaborating with The Ward’s editors and a crew of stellar musicians including Andrew Craig and Michael Occhipinti to bring to life the “Songs and Sounds of a Lost Toronto Neighbourhood.”