Ben Ladouceur, author of last spring's Otter, is a finalist for the 2015 bpNichol Chapbook Award! He is nominated for Lime Kiln Quay Road (above/ground press), and in the company of Nelson Ball, Jason Christie, Phil Hall, Matt Rader and Lissa Wolsak.

Congrats, Ben!

Despite last night's historic loss, the Toronto Blue Jays aren't the only ones planning to go deep this week: we've got a deep discount on all baseball titles. As long as the Toronto Blue Jays are in the playoffs, you can pick up our baseball-themed books for $10 each!

Christian Bök's 2001 Eunoia didn't just win the most prestigious poetry prize in the world, it inspired Denise Fujiwara of Fujiwara Dance Interventions to choreograph a multi-media dance adaptation of the book.

A recent Guardian article, 'Reading Cities: books about Toronto,' highlights some of the best Toronto-centric reading, and reveals Coach House's penchant for publishing books about The 6:

In a recent interview with Prism Magazine, Asbestos Heights author David McGimpsey talks reading lists (from Emerson to cereal boxes), Justin Trudeau, gangsta rap, biblical-themed miniature golf and the pretentious heart of poetry, the aubade.

49th Shelf has compiled a list of books that capture and distill 'what 2015 felt like (feels like!),' and André Alexis's Fifteen Dogs has made the cut.