Jacob Eichert interviewed filmmaker and Coach House author Guy Maddin for the fall 2009 issue of Rain Taxi.

'JE: My Winnipeg, both the film and book, seem to be indebted to the literary works of magic realism more than any other of your works: it incorporates the phantasmagoric with descriptive reportage and looks to the fantasy world within our own rather than creating a fictional setting.

'There's an exciting new reading series in Toronto: the Holy Oak Book Club, a 'series that pretends to be a book club pretending to be a reading series.' Each month, a book by a Toronto author is selected by series organizers Christopher McKinnon and Laurie McGregor. Those planning to attend the series are encouraged (though not required) to pick up the book in advance so they can participate in the discussion that follows the author's reading.

Globe Books first-fiction reviewer Jim Bartley has compiled a list of his top five first fiction titles of the year, and Carla Gunn's Amphibian is on it!

Click here to read the whole article, and here to find out more about the book.

On Friday, October 16, the Windsor Insider published an interview with Susan Holbrook (Joy Is So Exhausting) about her writing process, the Windsor arts community, and 'the joy of being exhausted.' Read the whole story here.

The Toronto International Film Festival has named their top 30 films of the decade, and Guy Maddin's My Winnipeg is on the list!

Click here to read the whole list, or skip to the fun part and click here to buy the book (and DVD) right here on our website.

Saturday's Globe featured a parody of The Edible City in the form of excerpts from three (imaginary) essays that didn't make the cut. Click here to read all about charcuterie cults and squirrel-meat recipes, or here to read more about the book itself.

Darryl Whetter's article in This Magazine assembles a list of 'recommended reading from the first decade of our century,' and Margaret Christakos is on it. Whetter calls Sooner an 'innovative work that leaps around on the page and nibbles on your inner ear.'

In a recently published article by Quentin Mills-Fenn of Uptown Magazine, Cordelia Strube's writing is described as 'sharp-edged, very funny.' Strube spoke to Mills-Fenn about her her writing process, her characters, and Lemon in general. Read the whole article here.

The December 2009 issue of the Quill & Quire listed Carla Gunn's Amphibian as one of the 'overlooked books' of 2009 – a list of titles that, in a just world, would have been blockbuster bestsellers.

In their words:

Kate Hall's poems are 'profoundly perfect' and Susan Holbrook is a poet of 'Rabelaisian intensity' according to the latest Eye Weekly. Read the whole article here.