The Poetry Project Newsletter ran an advance review of Rachel Zolf's highly anticipated new collection, Neighbour Procedure, in their February/March 2010 issue.

Below is an excerpt from the review by Thom Donovan:

The Globe and Mail featured the Eunoia: The Upgraded Edition in Warren Clements's 'Word Play' column on Saturday, January 16. Click here to read the article, and here to find out more about the book!

'I’ve been stunned by the recent work by Kate Eichhorn and her collaborators, from the recent Open Letter issue to the anthology Prismatic Publics: Innovative Canadian Women’s Poetry and Poetics, eds.

Guy Maddin's film My Winnipeg appeared on celebrated film critic Roger Ebert's list of the top ten movies of the decade:

'Guy Maddin's films are like a silent movie dreaming it can speak. No frame of his work could be mistaken for anyone else's. He combines documentary, lurid melodrama, newsreels, feverish fantasies and tortured typography into a form that appears to contain urgent information. His sound tracks are sometimes clear narration, sometimes soap opera, sometimes snatches that seem heard over a radio from long ago and far away. The effect is hypnotic.'

The 00s have been very good to Coach House. From the runaway-train success of Andrew Kaufman's All My Friends are Superheroes, Christian Bök's Eunoia (now available in trailer form) and the publication of the Toronto-favourite uTOpia series to the purchase of the Coach House building (which you can now tour online), the 00s have worked out just fine.

Coach House poet Susan Holbrook read 'Good Egg Bad Seed' from her book Joy Is So Exhausting at the Dakota Tavern early in December. Missed it? Listen to the recording here.

As 2009 draws to a close, many publications are compiling their lists of the best books of 2009. And Coach House is delighted to find several of our titles making those various 'Best of 2009' lists.

Leonard Schwartz spoke to Kate Eichhorn (Prismatic Publics) on episode 197 of PennSound's Cross-Cultural Poetics program. Listen to the interview here.

Prismatic Publics' editor Kate Eichhorn recently discussed the state of avant garde poetry in Canada with the CBC's Tom Howell on The Next Chapter. Click here to listen in.