Now you can take a tour of the Coach House from the privacy of your own home.

The Magical Mystery Tour, the self-guided tour booklet of Coach House Press, is now available online from the Coach House website. Learn about a Linotype! Look around the Type Room! Sit (virtually) in the Magical Sleeper Chair!

The Coach House Spring 2010 catalogue is now available for download. Click the hyperlink to download a PDF and get a preview of our spring titles!

And if you like the squirrel illustrations that adorn the front and back covers, visit the artist's site at

Susan Holbrook's Joy Is So Exhausting is now up on the Advent Book Blog.

According to Melanie Little, 'reading Susan Holbrook’s playful, joyfully cerebral poems is like tobogganing down a mountain head-first.

Unquestionably the gift for the word-drunks on your list, this book could kick even the grinchiest grouch out of a long winter’s nap of Canlit exhaustion.'

On November 26, 2009, Calgary's Mount Royal University hosted The Cage Match of Canadian Poetry, a public debate between poets Christian Bök (Eunoia, Crystallography) and Carmine Starnino (This Way Out).

Moderated by Kit Dobson, organized by Kelly Hewson, Micheline Maylor and the Department of English at Mount Royal, the two poets duked it out (verbally, of course) over contemporary Canadian poetry.

The Sustainability Network made an audio recording of The Edible City food panel that took place on December 2, 2009. Moderator Nicola Ross (Alternatives Journal) spoke with contributors Lorraine Johnson, Shawn Micallef and Wayne Roberts about the issues surrounding food in the city.

You can listen to a slightly edited recording of the discussion, available on the Sustainability Network's site.

The Advent Book Blog is a blog featuring bookish holiday gift ideas, recommended by authors, publishers, booksellers and other.

AuthorsAloud is a library of recorded audio readings by Canadian authors, and Coach House author Cordelia Strube has joined the list.

According to the Authors Aloud website, 'Strube sat down with her voice recorder in a quiet room and really nailed the reading. She's a trained actress and it shows ... She talks eloquently about writing with humor and writing in general. It's terrific stuff and well worth a listen.'

Coach House is offering ebooks of selected titles for all of your digital reading needs!

The holidays (Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus) are just around the corner, and Coach House knows times are tight. So we're offering a holiday sale throughout December. It's a great way to please the book lovers in your life.

Jacob Eichert interviewed filmmaker and Coach House author Guy Maddin for the fall 2009 issue of Rain Taxi.

'JE: My Winnipeg, both the film and book, seem to be indebted to the literary works of magic realism more than any other of your works: it incorporates the phantasmagoric with descriptive reportage and looks to the fantasy world within our own rather than creating a fictional setting.