Nick Thurston's Of the Subcontract, Or Principles of Poetic Right is a collection of poems about computational capitalism, each of which was written by an underpaid worker subcontracted through’s Mechanical Turk service.

Originally published in print by Information as Material in the UK, it's now available through Coach House as an ebook, for just $5.

If you liked The Ward book you will love The Ward musical! JUNO Award-winning Toronto musician, composer and producer David Buchbinder is collaborating with The Ward’s editors and a crew of stellar musicians including Andrew Craig and Michael Occhipinti to bring to life the “Songs and Sounds of a Lost Toronto Neighbourhood.”

We are sending out hearty congratulations to David O'Meara who won the Ottawa Arts Council Mid-Career Artist Award on April 26. The 2016 Awards Presentation was held in the Arts Court Theatre and artists from the theatre, literary, music and visual arts community received various honours. 

Christian Bök spoke about his Xenotext project of enciphering a poem into a bacterium on CBC Radio's Ideas program recently. Listen to the full episode online now!

Mo' poetry, fewer problems, are we right? That's why for the month of April, we're offering a Poetry Month Bundle, which lets you select any three (print) poetry titles for $45. Need to get inspired about which titles to choose? Browse our offerings.

We're looking for an intrepid Publicist as well as a tech-savvy Digital Assistant!

Think you've got the chops? See to apply.

If you've always wanted to hear André Alexis bring the dog language and poetry in Fifteen Dogs to life, we've got good news: the audiobook version of the Giller-winning novel is now available, read by the author himself!

Purchase the audiobook format now!

Coach House is saddened to hear of the loss of poet D.G. Jones. Jones published three books with Coach House Press – Under the Thunder the Flowers Light up the Earth (1977) which won a Governor General's Award, Balthazar and Other Poems (1988), and The Floating Garden (1995). 

We send our condolences to his family, friends and readers.