Uptown discusses Daniel Jones, Toronto's "poet laureate of puking"

Uptown discusses Montreal's Nelly Arcan and Toronto's Daniel Jones, two iconic authors who transformed the experiences of their turbulent, too-short lives into extraordinary literary achievements. Arcan's final novel, Exit, is available in English translation from Anvil Press, and Jones's debut (and only) poetry collection, The Brave Never Write Poetry, is available in a New Order-inspired reprint edition from Coach House:

Daniel Jones was a fixture on the Toronto literary/punk scene in the 1980s, the author of a handful of experimental, minimalist works.

In 1985, when he was 26, he published his sole collection of poems, The Brave Never Write Poetry, using the name Jones (he didn’t use his first name for this). It’s just been republished by it’s original publisher, Coach House, with an informative afterword by Kevin Connolly.

A portrait of Toronto’s demimonde of the time, there’s a lot of drinking and subsequent vomiting; in its review, the Globe and Mail said that Jones wanted to be "the poet laureate of puking." Made up of confessional poems about alcoholism, depression, psych wards and drunk tanks, it was critically dismissed when it first appeared.

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