Unnameable Books lists Top Books of 2007 (and we have 2!)

Unnameable Books in New York City has named their Top 10 Books of 2007, and Coach House Books has published two of them, The Alphabet Game and Human Resources!

Here's what the good people at Unnameable Books have to say:

5. THE ALPHABET GAME: a bpNichol reader
bpNichol, edited by Darren Wershler-Henry and Lori Emerson
bp Nichol (1944-1988) was a concrete poet, a sound artist, a 'pataphysical speculator, a linguistic mystic, a theoretician/practitioner whose output spanned genres, mediums both small and large, and decades. He wrote for the page, for the stage, for cassette tape and for television (yes, he worked on FRAGGLE ROCK), as well as for the potential of future works and forms. Finally, somebody has made a compendium of reasonably representative works, fit it all into 334 pages, and priced it at a very reasonable $21.95. I can't understand how the NY Times missed this one.

Rachel Zolf
From the notes at the end of the book: "Poems on pages 15, 23, 39, 51, 59, 69 and 77 were made using Lewis LaCook's Markov-chain based Flash poetry generators. All other poems were made by the author’s proprietary machine-mindâ„¢, with some assistance from WordCountâ„¢ and QueryCountâ„¢ at www.wordcount.org. The former is a searchable list of the 86,800 most frequently used words in English, while the latter is a searchable list of words most frequently queried in WordCount. / The author also used the Gematria of Nothing (GON) engine at www.mysticalinternet.com. Gematria is a method of Biblical exegesis based on assigned positive or negative numerical values of Hebrew letters and semantic links between words based on their values. The GON is a bizarre Christ-, crow- and empress-laden attempt to co-opt the serious practice of Hebrew numerology and apply it to select English words and phrases. The author co-opts GON for HR purposes. / WordCount values are represented in the text by the letter w; QueryCount by Q; and GON by G. As QueryCount rankings shuffle every few hours to reflect recent word queries, Q values in this text will not match present QueryCount rankings. Nor does GON‘s numerology always add up. Orthography and punctuation are also used as found.”

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