Torontoist interviews Shawn Micallef

Torontoist books editor James Grainger recently spoke to Shawn Micallef about Stroll, and the art of being a flaneur.

'Torontoist: Is it better, generally, to know more or less about the geography and history of a neighbourhood before exploring it? ...

Shawn Micallef: I’d visit each place I wrote about a few times usually, at different times and, in some cases, different years. Then I’d do archival research on the place. Usually not before—doing the research later is like not reading the instructions of some new device, much more fun to fumble around with, get a bit lost in it, and figure it out on your own. I like to see what I just see, and then dig a bit deeper later on ... There’s something powerful about location—once you can root something somewhere physical, it has more meaning. You know where it is. You know it’s context.'

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