The Torontoist goes for a stroll with Shawn Micallef

Shawn Micallef recently took a walk with Suzannah Showler of Torontoist to talk about his new book Stroll, launching tonight (May 18) at Lula Lounge.

'Micallef has a love for Toronto that is unfakeable. It is ardent without being naive, infectious without being preachy. Stroll offers an exuberant parsing of the city we often ignore, cast aside, or simply forget to appreciate. With Micallef as a guide, Toronto becomes the kind of place that you feel not only an urge, but even a responsibility to get up and move through.

Torontoist spoke to Micallef from a parkette in Little Italy about Torontonian self-loathing, getting lost, and why we're not Montreal or Paris.'

Click here for the whole story.

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