Toronto Star on HTO and historic mills

The Toronto Star's Kenneth Kidd explores the intersection of his own family history and Toronto's political and natural histories in an article that draws from HTO, the latest non-fiction release from Coach House Books.

From the article:

'These days the gully [in High Park] is home to an elaborate children's playground, surrounded on three sides by steep hills and towering oak trees or, at least, by towering oaks on two sides. No such trees appear at the far end of the gulley, where the hill rises sharply to Parkside Ave.

'This should have been an obvious clue, suggesting something amiss. But it took a page from a soon-to-be published book to bring about the topographical equivalent of the scene in the movie, The Longest Day, where a German general slaps his head and says: 'Normandy. How stupid of me.''


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