Suzette Mayr interviewed by Banff Crag and Canyon

In advance of a multi-author book launch at Canmore's Communitea Cafe, the Banff Crag & Canyon interviewed the three authors, Steven Ross Smith, Rosemary Nixon and our very own Suzette Mayr, on April 19, 2011:

"What struck me when I was reading books about suicide and trauma is that it usually evolves around the person who died and their immediate family. But just using the model of my partner, she didn't know the boy who died, and I didn't know him, but it sure affected us. These kinds of deaths have tremendous ripple effects."

One of the character's surname shares the author's first name, which Mayr said is her way of inserting herself into the text.

"For me, as a writer, you insert yourself into the text, because you are drawing from life, and from aspects of you," Mayr said.

Read the full interview and story on the Crag & Canyon site:

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