Shawn Micallef's Stroll one of the National Post's 'most anticipated books of 2010'

The National Post has published their picks for the ‘most anticipated books of 2010,’ and Stroll: Psychogeographic Walking Tours of Toronto is on the list!

Eye Weekly columnist Shawn Micallef has been examining Toronto’s architecture for many years, weaving historical information on its buildings and their architects with expansive ambulatory narratives about the neighbourhoods in which these buildings exist. Stroll collects Micallef’s expanded columns alongside a number of new, unpublished essays; together, these psychogeographic reportages situate Toronto’s buildings in living, breathing detail, and tell us more about the people who use them, how it feels to be exploring them in the middle of the night and the unintended ways in which they’re evolving.

Click here to see the whole list, or here to find out more about the book.

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