Shawn Micallef talks Stroll with the Toronto Star

Shawn Micallef recently spoke to the Toronto Star via email about Stroll, psychogeography and his dog, Sebastian.

'Toronto Star: We say a place is vibrant when we see people, and when we don't we dismiss places as dead. But can a vibrant community be humming along, unseen?

Shawn Micallef: Go to one of Toronto's beloved old neighbourhoods at 2 p.m., and they seem dead (or on the weekend when their denizens decamp for cottages). Go to the financial district at night — that's desolate. Neighbourhoods run on their own rhythms. 'Nothing' can suddenly be lots of stuff. Perhaps it happens in pockets of the neighbourhood we don't see at first glance. One street may be quiet, but one over, a party's going on.'

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