Shawn Micallef strolls up Yonge Street with the Toronto Star's Corey Mintz

The Toronto Star's Corey Mintz recently met Stroll author Shawn Micallef at the corner of Yonge and Wellesley for an afternoon walk.

'After eight years of living on Yonge St. I had grown to hate it. At 21, the movie theatres and all-night groceries were magnetic. At 29, the Uptown theatre had been demolished and I no longer bought milk at 3 a.m. ... The first paragraph of Shawn Micallef’s book, Stroll, refreshes that perspective, describing it through the eyes of a small-town teenager. He reminds us that, to many, Yonge is an event, a carnival, a sea of people stirred with bright lights and stores open past six.'

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