Shawn Micallef strolls through Wychwood Park with BlogTO

Derek Flack of BlogTO took a walk through Wychwood Park with Stroll author Shawn Micallef, and the neighbourhood, psychogeography and the book.

'Back in late Spring when Shawn Micallef's book, Stroll, came out, I got together with the author for a walk around Wychwood Park, one of Toronto's oldest gated communities, located between Davenport and St. Clair on the escarpment formed by Lake Iroquois.

I had thought that a tour of Wychwood would be the perfect way to find out more about both Shawn's book and the concept of psychogeography, the method upon which his walking tours is loosely based. The latter is, as Shawn writes in Stroll, 'a term invented by Guy Debord and the Situationists in 1950s Paris. They were concerned with the effects of geography on human emotions and behaviour, so they did absurd things like walk around Paris using a map of London.''

Read the whole story here.

Starting Tuesday, September 21, you can embrace your inner flâneur with the Stroll City campaign! Click here to find out more.

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