Second wave of ebooks now available!

The future is now, friends. It's like we're living in the year 2000. Coach House has just posted its second wave of ebooks! And this time, we've got the real ebooks, too; not just PDFs!

As of July 8, Coach House has made new epub and uPDF versions of ten new titles available through the Coach House website. You can now find ebooks of David Derry's Sentimental Exorcisms, Kenneth Goldsmith's Fidget, Andrew Kaufman's All My Friends Are Superheroes, Anik See's Saudade, Jeramy Dodds's Crabwise to the Hounds, Michael Blouin's Chase and Haven, Claudia Dey's Stunt, Anton Piatigorsky's Eternal Hydra, Cara Hedley's Twenty Miles and David McGimpsey's Sitcom, as well as epub versions of the previous batch of ebooks on the site.

Download the ebooks from our online ebook catalogue or from each title's own web page. And watch for more announcements of new ebooks and ebook formats in the coming months!

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